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Convene Parenting is a web-based community where parents of all ages can interact with one another. This community will provide a platform for shared learning, allowing parents to share their experiences and learn from other parents as they navigate through the many stages of parenting.



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A Baby Is Coming!!!
Baby Demo
Matthew Currin
Scared of your child’s room?
Kids have a way of turning their room upside down like a tornado came through.
Melinda Kroeze
Gaming with the Kids
We are a family of gamers that likes everything from PC/Console to board games to escape rooms. Our motto: The family that games together has fun together.
Melinda Kroeze
Volunteering in Your Child's Activities
Your kids greatly benefit from your volunteering your time to their schools, clubs, sports, etc. Not only are you helping the organization your kid(s) are involved in, you are setting a great example for your kids to encourage volunteerism.
Melinda Kroeze
When Your Kid Grows Up and Moves Far Away
Having your child permanently leave the nest to start their life far from home is a difficult milestone
Melinda Kroeze
Tiny Chairs and Bad Knees
I was 39 when I had my third kid. Being a parent on the older side can be exhausting yet keep you young
Melinda Kroeze
Parenting is important, but being a dad is extremely important!
Matthew Currin
Dealing with the death of a pet
How do you handle the death of a pet with your kids?
Melinda Kroeze
The Addiction to Fortnite
Fortnite is a game that has swept across the world in popularity. Every teen everywhere is playing it. How do you handle this addiction?
Matthew Currin
Supporting Passions without Pressure
Are you open to letting your child discover what he’s passionate about or do you force activities.
Corrective Measures
Deciding on the appropriate level of correction with your children can sometimes be challenging.
Eugene Brown Jr