When Your Kid Grows Up and Moves Far Away
by Melinda Kroeze

It’s been a year and a half since my oldest son graduated college and moved from FL to WA state - as far as possible from Home.  On one hand I couldn’t have been prouder of him landing his dream job, but we would no longer be able to see him more than a couple times a year. FL to Seattle is a full day’s travel when we were used to  him being just an hour and a half’s drive away while he was in college. 

The month prior to the move I was helping him pack and his Dad flew out to Seattle to help him find an apartment. Moving day quickly came and we shipped a few boxes. He and I flew to get him set up on the other end - Basically starting from scratch because not much was worth the shipping expense. 

I treasured the 2 weeks we spent together shopping for the apartment, doing some sight-seeing, and getting lost around Redmond on a daily basis. The day I flew home was heartbreaking but I managed not to cry on the plane Home. What if there was an emergency? What if he falls down the stairs? A thousand scenarios filled my head. It’s a helpless feeling to be 3000 miles away. Ok it’s actually 2500 but it might as well be the moon. What if there is an earthquake? Will he know what to do? I shipped him a hand crank emergency radio - he replied with “is this to make you feel better?”  Yes. Yes it was, but I didn’t. 

Worry for your kid never leaves. It is like breathing for a parent  I look forward to the several phone calls a week to hear about his work and what he’s up to. He’s careful to tell me about hiking scary mountains after he’s safely back home. He knows me well  

I excitedly mark off the days till he visits for a week this summer, and for a few days, I forget he has to leave all over again. It does get easier over time.  I almost don’t cry anymore at the airport when that piece of my heart boards the plane headed back to his new life. 

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