Supporting Passions without Pressure
by Melinda
My experience as a kid was being forced to do activities I was not interested in. I wanted to do sports but they saw it as a waste of time. Everything had to have an education or learning value. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but the way it was done turned me off of it. One example in particular - coding. I was forced to learn to code in middle school. I was lucky enough to have access to a home computer way before most of the population because my dad was an electrical engineer for a computer company. However I wasn’t allowed to play outside till my assignment was done. It made me hate it because it was offered as a required chore vs an opportunity. Had this been handled  in a different way I might have discovered I had a real passion for it as I discovered late in life. I think it’s important not to force your interests and passions on your kids, but instead support THEIR interests even as they switch and change. Just because you invested all that $ in football gear isn’t a reason to push them to play long after the interest has faded.

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